Avoid These Five Mistakes When Using A Vacuum Cleaner To Clean The Carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular room accessories. There are many people who use carpets in their homes. Unfortunately, some of them do not know that carpets are one of the items that are easily dirty http://thehillscarpetcleaning.com. You have to clean the carpet regularly. You can use services from Tile Cleaning The Hills so that your carpet can be cleaned completely.

One of the most used tools in cleaning carpets is a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, there are some people who are wrong about cleaning the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. These are some errors when cleaning the carpet using a vacuum cleaner.

1. Waiting for a full vacuum bag to be removed
It’s good to empty your vacuum bag before use, or at least when the vacuum bag is half filled. If left to full, the vacuum suction power will be reduced so that the carpet cleaning process will not be maximal.

2. Let the vacuum filter dirty
Vacuuming the carpet with a dirty filter makes your vacuum machine unable to catch dangerous allergens that stick to the carpet to the fullest. Make sure you always check the vacuum filter and replace it if it’s dirty.

3. Do not use appropriate vacuum accessories
Each brush contained in a vacuum machine is specifically designed to clean certain parts of the house, such as carpets, sofas, floors and so on. Use a brush that matches its function to maximize its function in sucking dust and dirt.

4. Do not throw hair that concerns the vacuum brush
Of all the forms of dirt on the carpet, hair and pet hair falling out and broken fabric fibers can clog the vacuum. This blockage can reduce the power of suctioning the engine and burn the main engine vacuum.

5. Too long to use
Ideally, the vacuum machine must be turned off per 15 minutes of use and leave for 5 minutes before reuse. Machines that are too hot will reduce the level of efficiency. So, avoid using it in excessive time.

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