Do You Know The Importance Of Prayer?

In living life in this world, all humans are very eager to feel happiness, There is no grief and suffering. However, in real life, it is not as easy as we imagine. Sometimes happy, then overwritten sadness. Sometimes being in ease and sometimes in trouble. When humans are in trouble, often we find humans complaining to other humans in order to overcome what is the problem of their lives, begging and humbling themselves before humans so they can help. You can consider Prayer for healing because you need God whatever happens to your life.

Some of them can help and also there are those who cannot help because of their limitations. Those who may not be able to help with real help, usually can only give advice and remind us that we pray to God.

Unfortunately, there are still many of us who are still reluctant and lacking in prayer, either because they forget, are not sure and need God less or do not consider the importance of prayer for their lives, or perhaps rely more on themselves and human assistance, and when suggested to pray to God to him he said: “Why should I pray to God? Is this important? “

Humans really need a backrest that can provide strength to him at a time when he is weak when all the forces outside him are unable to sustain and support him. At this time there is no way for humans to be able to reassure themselves, calm their hearts and clear their minds other than just complaining about their fate and circumstances to the Supreme Managing and determining their way of life, the way to get closer to Allah is through the medium of prayer. Prayer functions as a means of complaining about people who are in danger of crisis, distress, and suffering. Here those who have interests are human.

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