Excellent Tricks For Make Your Apartment Or Condo Looks More Beautiful

In addition to the use of multifunctional furniture, hidden furniture can also be applied to condominiums. For example by using a dining chair that can be stored under the table or stacked in the kitchen cabinet. In addition, the use of an ironing table that can be folded into the laundry cabinet is also a wise solution. The hidden furniture can make your already wide Wilshire Residences condo becomes even more spacious than before.

Neutral Color Options

It is common knowledge that choosing the right color can create its own atmosphere for the interior of your home. For spaces with a limited area such as apartments and condos, a spacious and spacious atmosphere can be reached by choosing neutral or bright colors. Combine these colors on walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture color choices. If you want to conjure an ordinary house into luxury, use an elegant house paint color. This will emphasize the amazing condo that you get from Wilshire Residences to look event more elegant after you’ve repainted it.

The color scheme of the type of wall paint white, cream, light gray can be combined with brightly colored wood floors such as pine or oak yellow. Avoid dark colors or bold colors such as black, dark gray, dark blue or maroon red which can make the visualization of space narrower and cramped. Dark colors can be used as long as they are just accents that don’t dominate too much.

Mirror application

In addition to colors, tips on decorating Wilshire Residences showflat, the next of course is the use of mirrors. Like the apartment interior space and simple but luxurious home decor, a mirror for a condominium can make your space twice as large. Place a mirror on one wall with a mirror area that meets the wall and voila! Your space becomes more spacious and relieved.

Place Furniture in One Side Only

To save more space in Wilshire Residence, you can decorate an apartment or a condo by placing furniture on one side of the wall and avoid mistakes in interior design.

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