Verdant Print And Dogwood Flowers Curtains Are Suitable For Small Windows

Among the green-themed rooms such as reading tables with matching colors to the walls, you can add small window curtains with motifs that can beautify your minimalist room. For example, you can choose white Verdant print window curtains with unique motifs that perfectly frame white glass windows. This could further complement the green-green concept applied to this room. Although some people often choose extravagant curtains for their windows, it’s actually better to put the มู่ลี่ with a simple design so it will be more compatible with the small windows.

In addition, small window curtains with the type Dogwood Flowers are from the work of designer Ferric Mason. Mini-shaped and perched on a small window, these small floral motif curtains can attract attention among other furniture that tends to be plain. The color of the small window curtains themselves has a gradation color that is the same as the color of the wall and the seat in the room.