These Are Early Steps To Paint Your House

Preparation and planning are the keys to successful preparation. Check out what the professionals do in producing neat paint. Meanwhile, you can also hire the best one man and a brush if you can’t paint your house by yourself.

The following is your tool needed:

paint container.
Seal Tape.
Old newspaper.

Prepare all equipment so that the painting process is more comfortable.

Following are the initial steps in painting a house:

You must Clear the room

Ideally, the room to be painted must be emptied. Move furniture, sofas, tables or other items first. Many benefits from emptying the room. Goods are protected from paint impurities and, we will be free to paint compilation.

Cover the floor with used newspapers

Don’t forget the floor. The floor is the most difficult part to pass when we paint the house. We can use used newspapers to protect the floor. Close all the main floors near the wall to be painted.

Protect Goods By Covering It

Not all items can be moved. For this reason, the item cover cannot be moved. You can cover it with plastic sheets. Or other ingredients that can protect.

Use Seal Tape for Part Lis

If there are some parts that cannot be painted, and that part is very small. Use a tape seal to cover it. For example at the very bottom of the wall. Are you all ready? Okay, now we continue to calculate paint requirements.

Calculating Your Painting Needs

Professionals are always right to calculate paint needs. If you want to check the house with the right and satisfying results, you also need to be able to calculate it. Different paint requirements. Depending on the material and the painted surface area.

Order in Painting

Interior design experts have a special grip on painting. The correct sequence in painting will make the work effective and efficient. Later your compilation paints, don’t forget, start painting the top then down. Start from the ceiling. Then just paint the wall. After that in the parts made of wood. When it’s finished all then check the detail section.

Here is the order for the painting process:


That is the correct sequence in the room to get satisfying results.

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