These Are Things You Must Know Before You Learn English More

English is a language that has been around for a long time and has been influenced by many languages, as evidenced by the many English vocabulary which is an absorption word from other foreign languages Therefore, English is the language most accepted by people throughout the world. The simplicity of the sentence structure and easy-to-remember vocabulary make it one of the attractions of English. English gives you many choices to be able to express something, through many ways using languages that are rich and globally accepted. It helps you to pass the b1 english test easily as well, so you can get the UK visa faster.

Is English easy to learn?

Actually, English is easy to learn, especially in the basic parts that are usually learned in school. The higher the level of difficulty in learning English, the more fluent someone is in understanding and using English in communication. To achieve what is called ‘fluency’ is not an easy thing. But something that is difficult for you to pass if you want to commit, your success is in your own hands. The most important thing in learning English is how you always involve yourself in everything related to it so that over time it will become part of your lifestyle.

Set your goals.

What is the motivation for you to learn English? Set this as your learning goal so you focus on getting to the finish line. Set it in your mind, when you feel discouraged or don’t feel a meaningful development. Your goal is something that cannot be achieved instantly. Continue to practice and remember that everything you do is not just a waste of time, but a journey to the future.

Feel confident

Don’t feel sad and discouraged if you don’t feel as good as you think. Think positively and change all negative thoughts like (I don’t understand what you say) to (Can you speak more slowly? I’m still learning). You who are confident will be easier to interact with other people and not afraid to make mistakes.

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