Types of Migration

Migration as a key component in population dynamics has resulted in various changes in society, such as changes in population composition, and changes in population growth rates. In the era of globalization that is happening now can be characterized by an increase in the flow of population mobility and cross-border labor mobility. If you need Apostille services, you can visit our website. Apart from economic, cultural and political factors, there are still several other factors that encourage immigration. Some of them are:

Opportunities to get an education are better in other countries.
There is hope to get a better life in other countries.
Better environmental conditions and lifestyle in other countries. For example climate, public facilities, residence, etc.

Immigration can be divided into several types. In accordance with the definition of immigration above, the types of migration are as follows:

– In migration, namely the entry of residents to certain destination areas (from abroad).
– Out-migration, which is the movement of people out to another area (abroad).
– Net migration, which is a term used to describe the total number of in and out migrations.
– Gross migration, which is a term used to describe the amount of in and out-migration.
– Total migration, which is the total incidence of migration, including migration during life and return migration.
– International migration, namely the movement of people between countries.
– Life time migration, which is the movement of population based on the place of birth.
– Partial migration, namely the amount of population movement from one region to another as a destination
– Migration stream, which is the amount of migration from a certain area to a destination in a certain period.
– Urbanization, which is the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas or large cities with the aim of staying within a certain period of time.
– Transmigration, which is the movement of people from densely populated areas to other areas that are less populous.

Thus a brief explanation of the notion of immigration, types, and several factors causing immigration. Hopefully, this article is useful and adds to your insight.

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