Why Men Is More Vulnerable To Accidents Than Women?

An accident is a very unpleasant thing. However, unfortunately still many people often experience this. Many of those who do not know the importance of driving safety leads to accidents that sometimes lead to death. One of the most common accidents to a person on the road is a traffic accident. Many factors and causes of the accident, one of which is a drunk condition experienced by someone. Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing can help you deal with the case in court and in the eyes of the law, because you may not be able to deal with it alone.

However, did you know that the cause of road accidents due to the influence of alcohol more experienced by men? Traffic accidents that occur in women are very low, ie only 34.2 percent. Then what is the cause so that the difference occurs?

Men who are growing up or who have just reached maturity usually have no driving experience, have sleep disorders that cause excessive drowsiness while driving and smoking habits and too often drunk.

In addition, job factors are also a contributing factor why men more often get accidents than women. In general, men are involved in heavy work and activities that are usually far more risky than women. The men also tend to consume more alcohol drinks more than women. Adults often spend their evenings drinking alcohol to release the workload they have. Thus, the factor of accidents that occur in men tend to be more than women.

Accidents that happen are always unintentional, but you can reduce the risk of death and injury caused by the accident. one way that you can do to ensure your safety while working and driving is to use a seat belt while driving by car. If you ride a motorcycle, you should use a complete attribute, such as a helmet, gloves and a jacket when driving. On the street, as much as possible to drive with a good mood and not emotional. Sometimes, you need to give in and give way to others, if necessary. You also have to obey the traffic signs. And one thing you also notice is not to drive while in a drunken, sleepy, or exhausted condition. This can lead to more severe and fatal traffic accidents.

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