You May Do These Tips To Prevent Musty Smell On School Uniforms

Set a schedule for washing school uniforms regularly and periodically. We can take the time to wash clothes when the school uniform changes the schedule.

Save Uniforms in a Hanging Way

After the clothes are ironed, it would be better if the uniform is hung, do not fold. This will make the school uniforms neater or not wrinkled and make it get good air circulation so it doesn’t make it smelly and smelly. Apart from being ironed and then hung, when the uniform is used it should be hung; hanging clothes or door hangers, do not fold, so that the uniform is not musty and smells of sweat or because of moisture.

Change Uniform Immediately After Returning to School

In order for the uniform to be not musty and smelly, immediately replace the uniform with regular clothes. Most students are lazy to change uniforms due to fatigue or other reasons. Uniforms that are not quickly replaced when returning home from school can make the uniform easy to get dirty, smelly and musty because of the accumulation of sweat from our bodies.

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